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What are Cycle Times?

Cycle Times and What They Mean to You.  

Ok, so how long will it take to get my car back?

An understandable question and information you need to know as a customer.  After all you need to plan your day, week or even for the year.

How long will we have to pay for a rental car?

A question most asked by the Insurance Companies.

These are questions that relate to “Cycle Times”.  In and Out times, duration of the repair etc.  

These times can vary from shop to shop, depending on their work load, parts availability, Holidays and other variables.

So when you ask:  Hey! When can I pick up my car?  You are asking for a cycle time.

Insurance companies look for quick cycle times, but rarely for the same reason you do, they may just want to save the money, you may be more concerned about the quality of repair.  

Clearly a conflict of interest and one of the reasons we are an Independent shop and not subject to Insurance Company contracts.

Collision Shop Cycle Times

What are they and what do they mean to you?.