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Understanding Your Collision Estimate from the Insurance Company or Body Shop Using the same Software.

An estimate from the Insurance company or body shop is only the beginning of the process.  After a car is disassembled, there are always hidden damage item found under panels and other parts.  Its at this point a supplement is created.  Insurance company always pay supplements, they understand the hidden damages in collision repair.

Understanding the CCC or other estimate you received from your insurance company is important.

It’s also sad they can be so confusing to the claimant or insured (that’s you).

But as with most things, terminology and language is Industry specific and subject to you needing to be “In the Know”.

So, to be true to our mission statement of educating our customers, we will give you the highlights.

Abbreviation and symbols seem to be the most confusing, so here go:

We will list what it means, then list the likely abbreviation or symbol you may see on your estimate.

The above list should give you a better understanding of body shop and Insurance company speech on your estimate.

We will continue to expand this list, helping you understand the Collision Repair and Claims process is our goal.

NC State Law says you have the right to choose any body shop.  Insurance companies always recommend shops on a list because they get special pricing and have special contracts.  We feel a shop who contracts with someone other than you, creates a conflict of interest.  We work for you! Not the Insurance company.

Understanding a Body Shop Estimate

Sometime they’re hard to read.

But the abbreviations make sense.