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Car doors today are not as rigid as they used to be, they are made of thinner gage metal.

Today, strength comes from design, it’s why on all doors, there is always a design, bend, crease line or some other decorative or design feature on the outer layer of the door.

These design features look good on the outside of the door, but are mostly there to create a bend, the bend makes the door skin more rigid.

Inside the car door are frames, bends and other structural components to help the door resist twisting motions, helping the overall rigidity of the car body.

When car doors are dented on this outer skin beyond the scope of normal body repair, the outer skin itself can be replaced without replacing the entire door structure (shell).

The decision to skin a door vs replace a door is almost always determined by cost.  If the dent is so big that the labor cost is close to the skinning price, it’s almost always better to replace the skin.

But when the damage to the shell (structure) of the door is involved, skinning the door is not an option, that makes replacement the only choice.

Many customers don’t even know that our body shop can replace just the outer layer of the door skin, by separating it from the shell where the seam is (see photo) and resealing the new skin into it.

The adhesives used and the bend around the edge of the shell will bring the door structure back to its original strength.

Insurance companies are well aware of the many choices for body repair and we work with them to discuss your auto body repair options.

Repairing a Door vs Replacing a Door

Outer door skins (the sheet metal) can be replaced.