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Est. 1987

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Body Shop, Towing, Auto Repair NC.

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We found, “It is cheaper to maintain than to repair.”

We have all heard the saying, “It is always cheaper to repair a car than it is to replace one.”  In most cases, purchasing a new car comes with regular monthly payments.  Car repairs on a currently owned car can be expensive too, but the expense is required less often saving you money.

We offer a better way to increase your savings.  Combine our money-saving, labor-rate special with proper maintenance and you will save more money.  

Looking to buy a new car?  Take the money you save by properly maintaining your current car with us, add it to your piggy bank, and we will speed up the process for you to purchase that new car.

The secret to getting many trouble-free miles from your car is to maintain a proper schedule for oil changes, tune-ups, drive-belt replacements, timing-belt replacements, and other minor repairs.

We can see you riding around in the greatest new car of your dreams.  Let us help you reach your goal by maintaining your current car with the best money-saving strategy ever!

How to save on Car Repair service.

Always saves money to get on a regular maintenance schedule.