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Yes Insurance companies have to approve the repairs.  

But does it really matter how much a body shop charges to get that approval?  The quick answer is no!

The estimated amount has little to do with getting approval to have your chosen body shop do the repair, yes there are guidelines, software and basics they will look at, if the charges are reasonable and justifiable, they will approve the claim, now chances are they will say no 3 or 4 times before they say yes (they are trained to say no), but in the end, you will get approval and the repair.

Think about it, it’s not their shop, they don’t know the shop owners overhead, light bill, mortgage rent etc.  Its not their job or legal right to tell a body shop how much they have to charge, each shop has its own fee schedule/labor rate.

So even if the estimate you get is higher then what your insurance company say they will pay, in the end, they always pay the supplement (additional charges).

As long as the charges are justifiable and the work was actually completed, price does not matter in the claims process.  Although they say it is, legally its not.

So don’t sweat the estimate, take your car to your favorite shop and relax.  Stop trying to save money and focus on getting the car repaired correctly, the result will be peace of mind.

Insurance Approvals for Collision Repair Shops

They always pay as long as the charges are justifiable.