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Est. 1987

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Body Shop, Towing, Auto Repair NC.

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A Touch of Custom?

Custom Body Shop Apex

As long as there are cars there will be customer who want that custom touch.

Body kits, flames, custom paint, special builds.

A Body Shop That Also Does Custom Work?


Veilside Fortune rx7We understand the need to customize your car.

Your car is an extension of your personality, it’s who you are and about the image you wish to project.  

Customizing is fun of course but it can also be problematic if not done correctly.  We have the resources to do anything you want to do to your car but anything is a broad topic, so to be specific, we do:  Lambo door conversions, body kits / ground effects, Kit cars, Shaves and more using

Looking for “A Touch of Custom?”  We can accommodate your custom car needs.  Lambo door conversions, Body Kit / Ground effects, Custom paint, Deck spoilers / wings, Shaved door handles and Poppers.