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Yes the majority of body shops will guarantee color match for OEM colors, the secret is in the blend.

Blending colors have been in the body shop bag of tricks for decades, the techniques have changed and evolved but, the principle is still the same.

When a door or fender is repaired and painted, the adjacent panel will almost never match perfectly, so the adjacent panel becomes the blend panel, the new color is sprayed on the adjacent panel also, the tapered off as the coats are applied, the final coat of color will not reach the opposite edge of the panel, but when the panel is clear coated, the entire panel is covered.

When using the above technique, all of a sudden the panel next to the repair panel matches perfect, perfect because you are looking at the same color used, perfect because the blend panel still matches its adjacent panel because there is no color, only clear.

The repair panel viewed next to the blend panel matches perfectly, the blend panel viewed next to its adjacent panel (quarter panel or rear door) matches perfectly because there is no color on that side, only clear.

In other words, the color still does not match, the variation is still there, but your eyes are fooled and you cant see it, if you cant see it its not there right?

That’s one of many tricks that are used to obtain a good OEM color match.

Guaranteed Color Match

How do we match your paint so well?

How can shops guarantee color match.