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News and Announcments Automotive Paint Mixing System

Can You Paint My Car Using Factory Colors?

This is a common question we receive in our Body Shop, the answer is yes.  Car manufacturers use a code (paint code), it’s typically located in the door jamb area on the lower LH Corner (sometimes RH depending on the car brand) on a white decal type label.

Paint suppliers develop the color match from these codes and the formulas from the car maker.  We order your color using this code and, by using high quality paints, we get an almost exact match to your factory color.  The reason we say almost is;  There are paint variations based on where the car was manufactured (the plant it came out of), what batch of cars where produced, variations in the assembly line etc.  Using a blend when repairing paint, allows us to blend any variation into the panel, further improving the color match.

It’s why we guarantee color match on all blended panels, and as a foot note, we always blend panels unless you specify otherwise.

When painting an entire car, color match is less of an issue, therefore the blending technique is not needed.

Auto Painting in Apex, Chapel Hill, Durham and Cary NC.

OEM style painting and factory colors.  Also custom painting and specialty projects.

High quality auto painting for your collision repair, restoration or special custom project, we use only the highest quality materials.

We can handle all your auto painting needs:  Color changes, all over painting (painting the whole car), spot blends and factory colors.  Using base coat clear coat from PPG® and Akzo Nobel brands you can be confident that you will get a quality product with your repair or special project.

Contact us and make an appointment today, so we can evaluate the condition of your damage and make sure the repair is made the right way.

Auto paint is one of those service where you get what you pay for in most cases.  Occasionally, if a shop has a competitive advantage (lower overhead), they are able to get you more service value then other body shops.